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Srisley Jacksonville
Pianist Srisley

Pianist and Composer Srisley(Yae-Seul Kim) was born in South Korea and raised in a musical environment under the guidance of her mother, a classical pianist, her aunt, a violinist, and her grandmother, a high school music teacher. At the age of 11, she made her debut on the piano solo segment of KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) with Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu. Throughout her career, she has served as the music director at the Great Gatsby Jazz Lounge in Korea, performed as "Srisley" solo to septet, and taught numerous students, including one selected by Lakeside School, Bill Gates' alma mater, for their jazz band. 

She continued performing with the "Srisley Trio," participating in the <Cheongnamdae Jazz Tonic Festival> at the Korean president's retreat, and honed her talents through various concerts at jazz bars in Seoul. Upon hearing Michel Camilo's music, she was profoundly inspired, leading her to pursue a major in jazz piano. She furthered her education, earning a Master's degree in Music Performance focused on Jazz at the University of KyungHee in Korea. Her 2019 Master's thesis, titled "A Study of the Afro-Cuban Piano Performance Method in Michel Camilo's Music: Focused on Caribe, From Within, and On Fire," showcased her scholarly dedication. In 2020, she released her first full-length album, Srisley Trio: 30, featuring compositions and performances exclusively by her. Collaborating with her graduate school professor and renowned Korean composer-pianist Yoon Han, she also appeared on Towmoo, Korea's top music YouTube channel with 700k subscribers. In 2022, her audition piece "Cucaracha" earned her the prestigious <Berklee College of Music World Tour Full Scholarship> for Jazz Piano, prompting her relocation to Boston. Inspired by a unique encounter with a cockroach, she penned the song. The same year, she released her second album, “Moi J'attends”, under Universal Music, drawing inspiration from a book cover by Davide Cali, a Swiss-born Italian writer.

In 2023, <Berklee Global Jazz> and <Gender and Justice> Institutes accepter her as a pianist. she dedicated herself to preparing for performances at the Berklee Summer in the City series. Notably, on July 14, 2023, she debuted at Berklee's Oliver Colvin Hall with her band, the “Srisley Trio: For Michel Camilo”, featuring Berklee College of Music professor and percussionist Mossa Traore. Following this, she led a larger ensemble, the “Srisley septet: Love Michel Camilo”, in a second recital on October 24. Additionally, she showcased the Srisley Quintet at the <Boston Book Festival> on October 14. She was also featured in the "Berklee Holiday video" as an arranger and pianist for the Latin segment.

In 2024, She performed at the David Friend Recital Hall on February 12th with “Srisley and Friends part III: Great Michel Camilo”, presenting diverse programs from piano duos to big bands. Her collaborations included esteemed Berklee professor Zahili Gonzalez Zamora, and Srisley received his score directly from Michel Camilo. 

Recently, she performed and award as a composer with her song “Cucaracha” Berklee Career Jam Award show at the Berklee Performance Center on April 5th.

she was selected as a finalist in 2024 Jazz Piano Competition, which is part of the esteemed 2024 Jacksonville Jazz Festival. She inspired by both traditional and contemporary music, she continues to create works in her distinctive style, ensuring a legacy of musical excellence. 

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