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Pianist, composer, and educator Srisley hails from Korea. She earned a master's degree in jazz music from Kyung Hee University Graduate School in South Korea and received a full scholarship to the Berklee College of Music. Her decision to leave her long-established career in South Korea and undertake the grueling 14-hour journey to study Latin American music demonstrates her unwavering commitment to her art.

Her adept leadership of ensembles, ranging from solo piano to big bands, is evident from her experience in Korea, where, as Artistic Director, she managed approximately 40 musicians and tap dancers and directed all performances. Additionally, she was selected as a finalist in the prestigious Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition and was honored as a composer at Berklee's annual Career Jam.

Srisley's ethos places paramount emphasis on fostering human connections, while her profound reverence for collaborative musical endeavors remains at the core of her artistic philosophy.

Upcoming Events

Live in concert

Srisley with Friends : Latin music band
Srisley and Friends : Michel Camilo "Hello and Goodbye" Big Band
Srisley with Friends : Brass band Michel camilo "Caribe"
Srisley album <30>
Srisley album <Moi J'attends>
Srisley album
 pianist  Srisley album


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